Main Advantages:

  1. Modularity
  2. Light construction
  3. The technology is adapted to the capacity of the Bulgarian manufacturers
  4. Easy servicing
  5. Variability of construction design – 1 +1 seats, 1 +3 seats, 1+1 seats+luggage
  6. Easy operation.


The first step in the implementation of the project is:

to produce a model of the designed electric car, which will be used as a basis for the construction of variants as well as modules and components of a following production series of electric cars. The model will specify the construction and the main parameters of the electric car and it is expected to demonstrate the envisaged performance characteristics of a produced vehicle.


The main requirements to the designed model at this stage are as follows:


The architecture consists of components of the electric car, which are grouped in separate modules. In this way the characteristics of the vehicle can be modified periodically through changing the modules. They can also be produced in different functional variants to provide for a wider choice of types and thus satisfy a larger segment of the market. The efficiency of the modular car is enhanced by the possibility identical modules to be used for producing different variants of the electric car. 

Light construction

this requirement is of great importance for the achievement of maximum economy and good dynamic characteristics of the car. To a great extent, this depends on the materials used. The contemporary sports cars are increasingly produced using composite materials like fiberglass, carbon, Kevlar, etc.   Our car has a metal chassis with fiberglass components like lids, doors etc. mounted on it. This allows to achieve a car body with minimum mass at the same time providing for strength and security.


The main parts of the electric car can be produced using materials and technological processes that are well known in the Bulgarian industry.  The include laser or jet cutting of the metal components, welding, casting of plastic composites, use of standard dismountable  connectors, etc.

Easy servicing

The modular principle of the design allows the main aggregates of the construction of the electric car to be grouped in a manner that makes the access to them easy so that replacement can be done very fast. 

Variability of the construction design

The modular principle allows for building various constructions. 

Easy operation

The construction of the electric car is extremely simple and compact, offering intuitive driving and easy access to the main controls.


Variants for further development of the project

These are variants for investment in the production of a series of one or several models.


Two-seat sports variant:


Two-seat three-wheel sports variant:


Two-seat urban variant:


Four-seat urban variant:


Cargo variant:


Cargo variant with a cabin:


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